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DVD Released - Happily Ever After with Parrots - A Learning Game! Teaching Parrots with Positive Reinforcement by Dr. Ellen K. Cook

The Writings of Susan Friedman, Ph.D.

"Improving the Quality of Life for All Learners"

Psychologist Susan F. Friedman, Ph.D, is a world-reknowned authority on avian behavior.  For an excellent explanation of parrot behavior psychology, please read her writings linked above.

The Gabriel Foundation
Karen Pryor Clicker Training
Birds of a Feather Bird Forums

Birds of a Feather Online Community: Bringing together fellow bird enthusiasts to share their love of companion birds.

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Companion Animal Parasite Council

Internet Computing Solutioins is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world's first and largest online veterinary database and community.

Managing Canine & Feline Diabetes

CDC - Healthy Pets, Healthy People

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Parrot Enrichment & Activity Book

Version 1

by Kris Porter

Parrot Enrichment & Activity Book

Version 2

by Kris Porter

Free Pet Medication Reminder

Very useful tool!